Taking Special Effects in Ireland to the Next Level

In 1996 we had a vision to form a special effects company that could compete with our international colleagues. That vision was realised with the presentation of a Royal Television Society Craft Award and BAFTA nomination for our work on Omagh with Team FX.

Now, over two decades later, we have a dream again to take special effects in Ireland to the next level. Aware of the ever-changing need to be flexible and innovative in modern film making and to produce higher production values on screen for lower costs, we have decided to trust in a combination of youth and passion, creative thinking and the ability to think outside the box, together with a mix of wise old heads.

We are Film FX Ireland, and as co-founders of Team FX we are ready to take you with us on a new adventure.

Aidan and Brendan Byrne



Film FX

Film FX Ireland is an innovating special effects services company. Set up by brothers Brendan & Aidan Byrne, formally of Team FX in Ardmore Studios, Bray